The 21st Beijing – Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium

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The 21st Beijing – Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium

  The 21st Beijing Hong Kong economic cooperation symposium was held at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center on November 28, 2017. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to mainland China, and the cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong witnesses new and major historical opportunities. The conference is based on the strategic positioning of Beijing and the urban development orientation of Hong Kong. This includes urban development, scientific and technological innovation, deputy city center grand strategy, widening foreign communications, culture, governance of big cities and other sectors, project promotion, discussion and exchange, docking negotiations, and exhibition display. Many efforts are being made to deepen the pragmatic cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong and write a new chapter in the prosperity and development of the two regions.  
The “One Belt One Road” initiative and the internationalization of TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine are advocated in China, where TCM acupuncture clinics are experiencing surging market demand. With the rapid development of western medical digitalization and artificial intelligence, traditional Chinese acupuncture has been unable to meet the demands of modern generations for quantitative and precise treatment. As one of the most international cultural “sharing” projects in the Beijing – Hong Kong symposium, the Acumedical Development Fund sees its huge market space opportunity, regarding the modernization of TCM acupuncture and integrating digital high-tech products with the traditional acupuncture clinic. This will ultimately provide patients with diagnosis, detection, and treatment all according to the international mainstream “evidence-based medicine” train of thought standard, thus, allowing Chinese acupuncture to achieve rapid global market coverage.
The signing ceremony of the Acumedical Development Fund was held at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center on November 29, 2017. The goal of the project is to invest 30 million USD. The project expects to complete the establishment of 3-5 clinics in 2018 and over the next three years set up TCM clinics in Hong Kong and develop TCM diagnosis and treatment plans. As an integrated healthcare center, AcuM (Hong Kong) Company Limited has signed a contract with Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. and AcuMedical, Inc. These integrative healthcare centers will be equipped with the medical devices from the two companies, to provide a holistic solution to fully capitalize on the challenges and limitations present in the TCM industry. AcuM, starting in Hong Kong, has plans to set up AcuM TCM clinics in the United States, Singapore, and the rest of the world.
AcuMedical, Inc. has developed an advanced acupuncture and acupuncture clinic management open platform, which integrates detection equipment, acupuncture needles, a clinic management software system and cloud data center in one system, which provide modern acupuncture testing equipment and management system for doctors and clinics. The AcuMedical advanced acupuncture platform now includes four products: AcuPioneerTM needles, AcuRangerTM detection equipment, AcuCareTM acupuncture clinic management system, as well as AcuCloudTM cloud services.
Unlike traditional acupuncture needles, AcuPioneerTM acupuncture needles are coated with insulation coating excluding the tip. Deep stimulation can be achieved by simply transmitting electrical signals from the tip of the needles to acupoints.
In light of the AcuPioneerTM needle’s deep acupoints stimulation ability, the breakthrough innovation of the AcuRangerTM is that it can read the electrical signals it exerts on the body, quantifying the body’s acupoints information for the first time. By using this device, doctors can, in conjunction with other parameters, carry out clinical studies on different treatments for different conditions, thus helping transform TCM from an empirical medicine to an evidence-based medicine.
The AcuCareTM acupuncture clinic management suite includes a patient appointment APP, a clinic management system, and a patient electronic medical record database. This management system is developed specifically for acupuncture clinics to meet the modern, vital needs of the acupuncturist.
AcuCloudTM cloud services can automatically store records and information collected by the AcuRangerTM, AcuPioneerTM, and AcuCareTM from different clinics and realize the concept of TCM big data. In addition, the AcuCloudTM cloud service can also record the prescriptions issued by doctors with the AcuRangerTM for different symptoms (acupoint combinations), which will become the basis for the study of TCM acupuncture data collected in the future.
As an open platform for clinic management, the advanced AcuMedical acupuncture platform can connect to other brands of modern acupuncture equipment. The equipment information inputs are compatible with AcuMedical electronic medical records and clinic management system, which will result in great contributions to the practice of modern managers and acupuncturists in Chinese medicine clinics.
Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. invented and developed the Meridian Ebb-Flow Therapeutic (MET) Device. The MET Device combines traditional chronomedicine, acupuncture, and modern digital technology. This device can simulate traditional acupuncture in a safer, more effective way, and has acquired many patents. The MET Device invented by Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. integrates the principle of Meridian Ebb-flow and “Linggui Bafa” into a simple and easy to understand program. It uses modern micro-electronics technology to realize the curative effects of acupuncture. It means that the acupuncture needles can be substituted with electrode pads to stimulate acupoints. The unique ability of this device, not present in any other technology developed in this field, is to calculate “the best time for treatment.” Anyone can easily use it and receive genuine curative effects. Since Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd., developed the first medical version of the MET Device in 1997, through many years of clinical trials and applications, the therapeutic effect of the MET Device has been well known to hospitals and patients.
  • The MET Device is the first medical instrument that integrates the principle of Meridian Ebb-Flow approved by China’s FDA.

  • Listed on SATCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals Standardized Facility (Basic Facility), and also listed on State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) (First batch in 2011) Recommended Products, China is the only country in the world that will include the meridional flows to its national health service.

  • The MET Device has been used and widely praised by more than 200 medical institutions in China, including: Beijing: more than 90 medical institutions, including Beijing hospital of the ministry of health, Guang ‘AnMen hospital, Beijing central and western medicine hospital, etc.; Guangdong province: Guangdong provincial hospital, Guangdong provincial people’s hospital and other 40 medical institutions; Hebei province: Hebei people’s hospital and other 20 medical institutions; Shandong province: Shandong provincial hospital and other 20 medical institutions.

  • Obtained the registered trademark of “Meridian Ebb Flow”.

  • Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. obtained the certificate of “new technology and new products” issued by ZhongGuanCun science and technology park.

  • Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. awarded with “software enterprise” and “software product” certifications issued by the Beijing economic and information commission, and received a product value added tax discount.
Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co. Ltd. has invented the home use version of the MET Device. This version is more convenient for family use and utilizes the same principles as the clinical version. This product has been approved by the Beijing food and drug administration and has started to sell. At the same time, Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co. Ltd. has also launched its MET Device healthcare version for overseas markets which has already been recorded by the Singapore HSA and Hong Kong department of health.
The products of the two companies both have significant roles in changing the future of TCM. The complete process of unified, standardized and quantified diagnosis, treatment and outcome testing will be implemented as the standard configuration of the AcuM integrated healthcare center. As an important platform and foundation, Hong Kong will gradually promote modern TCM acupuncture culture to the world. When the AcuM integrated healthcare center reaches a certain scale, it will be extended to the world in the form of a franchise chain in order to explore a new mode for TCM acupuncture internationalization and provide a new solution for the challenges and limitations faced by the traditional Chinese medicine industry.