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Spring Insights 2016

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In May 2017, CIG will be launching its Acumedical Development Fund in New York. The fund aims to provide strategic realignment of the thousand year old Chinese Acupuncture industry with the Western Integrative Medical Centre.  Prior to this, CIG has already successfully invested into a medical device inventor based in Minneapolis, Acumedical, Inc. CIG has also acquired Beijing JiashiZhentong Technology Co. Ltd, a Acupuncture device manufacturer, through Galaxy-Impetus Fund I.  The fund hopes to consolidate its resources into delivering digitised, intelligence acupuncture treatment methods.

M&A Fund

CIG M&A Fund invests into listed companies by acquiring placement shares issued by the companies to become the majority shareholder. The listco subsequently either acquires promising businesses/assets, or inject businesses/assets through reversed take overs. 

Fixed Income Fund

CIG Fixed Income Fund invests mainly into good yield generating assets.  We strive to capitalise on steady investment yields in mature markets and the low interest rate environment of countries such as Singapore to maximise investment returns for our investors.

Special Fund

CIG investment advisory platform enables us to offer market/industry specific funds to cater to the varying preferences and objectives of investors. This makes us more efficient in capturing emerging market opportunities and responsive to changing economic conditions.

Acumedical Development Fund (ADF) — “环球针灸发展基金”  


Is our latest product that invests into Western and TCM medical diagnostic/therapeutic devices with breakthrough innovations. ADF strives to become the leading medical themed fund that promotes the concept of Integrative Medical Care, the delivery of high quality medical/patient care services utilizing the latest inventions in both the Eastern and Western medical equipment with leading edge features.


– Joe Q SUN

Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

Acumedical Development Fund intends to invest in two products representing the most important core domains of the perspective of future modern acupuncture. The first product, the acupoint (meridian inspection), has enabled digitalization of the Meridian points in human body. This breakthrough device is the pioneer in the market for enabling acupuncture EMR (Electronic medical record). The second product, Meridian Ebb-flow Therapeutic Device (non-intrusive), enables time-sensitive optimal delivery of acupuncture treatment.

The fund capitalises on the development of future global clinics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), i.e. there will be two standard equipment: inspection and treatment devices in all TCM hospitals and institutions. Every patient would have their own EMR (Electronic Medical Record), which will revolutionize the situation for the lack of TCM data. The therapeutic device could demonstrate its artificial intelligence function, and change the circumstance that people can do treatments not only at clinic centers, but also at home, so as to become the standard essential facility for family therapy.

The two companies producing the aforementioned two products respectively can be regarded as the “Standard Acupuncture constitutor” technically and practically, and will be the new industry benchmark. From geographic perspective, one is a U.S. local company helmed by a team of scientists, located in Minnesota – Silicon Valley of medical device in U.S.; another company is in Singapore – the Asian Finance Centre, whereas its subsidiary is located in Beijing.

“Acumedical Development Fund” connects U.S. and Asian markets, on the basis of products with advanced technology, promoting the modernization and digitalization of acupuncture.

After the consolidation of the aforementioned two companies, “Acumedical Development Fund” hopes to achieve a public listing status on NASDAQ in the next 3 to 5 years, and become the first listed company with the concept of acupuncture worldwide.

Most importantly, the net profit of two companies will increase rapidly in the next 3 to 5 years. As “Acumedical Development Fund” forms a new standard for the TCM industry, the TCM market will explode and enter into a new era.