Asian Fixed Income Bond Fund

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Asian Fixed Income Bond Fund

Our Latest Products

In May 2017, CIG will be launching its Acumedical Development Fund in New York. The fund aims to provide strategic realignment of the thousand year old Chinese Acupuncture industry with the Western Integrative Medical Centre.  Prior to this, CIG has already successfully invested into a medical device inventor based in Minneapolis, Acumedical, Inc. CIG has also acquired Beijing JiashiZhentong Technology Co. Ltd, a Acupuncture device manufacturer, through Galaxy-Impetus Fund I.  The fund hopes to consolidate its resources into delivering digitised, intelligence acupuncture treatment methods.

M&A Fund

CIG M&A Fund invests into listed companies by acquiring placement shares issued by the companies to become the majority shareholder. The listco subsequently either acquires promising businesses/assets, or inject businesses/assets through reversed take overs. 

Fixed Income Fund

CIG Fixed Income Fund invests mainly into good yield generating assets.  We strive to capitalise on steady investment yields in mature markets and the low interest rate environment of countries such as Singapore to maximise investment returns for our investors.

Special Fund

CIG investment advisory platform enables us to offer market/industry specific funds to cater to the varying preferences and objectives of investors. This makes us more efficient in capturing emerging market opportunities and responsive to changing economic conditions.