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Spring Insights 2016

About our company

Capital Impetus Group Limited (CIGL) is a financial holdings group that initiated its globalization plans in 2011. On 30 June 2016, the Group initiated its consolidation exercise by setting up a new CIGL parent company in the British Cayman Islands. The exercise was completed in April 2017, after which CIGL has wholly owned subsidiaries in Singapore, USA (New York), China (Beijing and Shanghai), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and the British Cayman Islands.

CIGL’s core businesses are in fund management and financial advisory. The Group’s first licensed fund management firm, China Capital Impetus Asset Management Pte. Ltd., has operated for 7 successful years in Singapore since 2011.

CIGL’s subsidiaries have obtained licences to carry out fund management and listing advisory services within their respective operating location.


To become the leader in our business fields through sustainable development in line with our corporate values and investment philosophy.



To be innovative and provide unique investment insight to discover investment opportunities in a complex financial world.


Commitment – We are dedicated to providing excellent financial products and services.

Integrity – We are honest to ourselves and to all our stakeholders.

Gratitude – We are grateful to our customers, employees and all shareholders.


We do not want to do different things; we just do them differently, efficiently and effectively.

Strengths & Competencies

  • We add capital wings to those fast-growing Chinese enterprises and provide them with a platform to access efficient funding and to reach out to the region and globally.

  • Strong and dedicated senior management team, with diverse backgrounds and rich portfolio investment and management experience.

  • Extensive domain knowledge in real estate development and marketing

  • Excellent network and contacts with investment community globally

  • Excellent local advantage with our headquarter presence in Singapore – a global wealth management centre.